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Windows Aero Theme Disabled

Windows Aero was introduced in Windows Vista as one of the major visual enhancements to the operating system. Windows 7 greatly improved the feature by making it less demanding on system resources. It also provides new features such as Aero Peek. While it's nice to have all of these features enabled, they can still slow down older computers with less powerful hardware. While on even among the more modest of newer computers, you can turn Windows Aero on or off as you prefer, there are some cases in which it cannot be enabled at all. Consider the following scenarios to see if you can try to solve the problem.

1 - Your Computer Simply Isn't Powerful Enough
Almost all computers which are capable of running Windows 7 are capable of running the Windows Aero theme. However, there are some cases where the graphics capabilities are not enough. Normally, however, if Windows Aero is disabled and won't even appear as an option in the Personalization control panel section, it's because you are running either the Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic edition. Windows 7 Starter is the version which normally comes pre-installed on netbook computers. Windows Aero is absent from this edition, as it is with the Home Basic edition which is a trimmed-down, cheaper version of Windows available in certain countries.

2 - No Graphics Card Drivers
If you do not have suitable drivers for your graphics card, you normally won't be able to choose the Windows Aero theme. You probably won't be able to use your monitor's native resolution either. To remedy this, ensure that you have the latest drivers for your hardware. Remember that you'll need to have 32-bit drivers for a 32-bit version of Windows and 64-bit drivers for a 64-bit version. Download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. If you're not sure which graphics card you have, refer to your computer's specifications.

3 - Run the Aero Troubleshooting Wizard
Running the Aero troubleshooting wizard will help to solve most problems including those mentioned above. Open your start menu and type "Aero" into the search box. In the results which appear, click the item "Find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects." Click "Next" and wait for Windows to detect any problems. The wizard will then propose a solution, if there is one.


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